onsdag 20 maj 2015

Jag berättar om händelsen som hände på ett Dir en grey-live. (Kyo är sångaren i bandet)

I knoooow, I went to a small live with them when I went to japan the first time, and they were awesome. Diru has also always been great with the audience-
All the, errr, 6-7 times I've seen them, hehe.
Even though it was one of the biggest venues in Tokyo, Kyo was still awesome to me when I almost got stuck and fainted. So much caring and luff. ♥

Stuck and fainted?

Yeah, I was by the railing on the side, and this really big japanese dude almost squashed me to death. And I couldn't say anything, and he didn't notice my panicky elbows.

So I started to black out, and then Kyo pointed at me and said "HORA!", which means sort of "hey" or "listen to me". And the guy noticed he pointed at something behind/beside him, noticed me almost fainting, scuffled away a bit and then Kyo took his usual "I have a bucket of water and I will throw it at the audience some time in the concert", and then he dumped it ALL on me.
So by those two things, I perked up. The water made me regain my senses, and took away the heat etc.


I felt so grateful. And the attention was really nice.
Only that I'd been trying to keep myself from sweating too much, because I knew by experience that when you get outside (it was winter, and you stow your stuff at the train station) it gets REALLY cold. So before that incidence I was like "Yeah, I totally succeeded not having to freeze too much this time!". And then I got outside and almost froze to death. I was soaked through to my panties.

One way to get your panties wet

How do you even write down the drummer-I-just-made-a-joke in english?

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